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The company was founded in 1991, originally named METAL SA Galati. The main business was the trading of metallurgical products, activity which is still among the main businesses of our group of companies.

 In the 20 years of activity the company has continued to expand , investing in activities such as industrial production, trade, civil and industrial construction, domestic and international transport.

 For an efficient management of the group companies in 2006 the parent company METAL SA change its name in METAL GRUP INDUSTRIE Galati and started to implement an important investment plan for all the companies in the group .

Currently , the group of companies METAL GRUP INDUSTRIE Galati represent one of the most powerful companies in the region, with over 600 employees and a turnover exceeding 30 million euro annually.


Steel structures, Trading of metallurgical products
Phone: +40 236 449 003



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